Rexnord Omega Elastomeric Couplings

Rexnord Omega Elastomeric Couplings

Rexnord Omega Couplings Standard

Rexnord Omega Coupling Standard

Rexnord Omega Couplings Spacer Type

Rexnord Omega Coupling Spacer Type

Rexnord Omega Elements

Rexnord Omega Elements

All Rexnord Omega Elements

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Rexnord Omega Element

E2 Element # 10287330


UPC: 698210000059

Rexnord Omega Element

E3 Element # 10287331


UPC: 698210000103

Rexnord Omega Element

E4 Element # 10287332


UPC: 698210000158

Rexnord Omega Element

E5 Element # 10287333


UPC: 698210000202

Rexnord Omega Element

E10 Element # 10287334


UPC: 698210000257

Rexnord Omega Element

E20 Element # 10287336


UPC: 698210000301

Rexnord Omega Element

E30 Element # 10287337


UPC: 698210000356

Rexnord Omega Element

E40 Element # 10287338


UPC: 698210000400

Rexnord Omega Element

E50 Element # 10287339


UPC: 698210000455

Rexnord Omega Element

E60 Element # 10287340


UPC: 698210000509

Rexnord Omega Element

E70 Element # 10287341


UPC: 698210000554

Rexnord Omega Element

E80 Element # 10287342


UPC: 698210000608

Rexnord Omega Element

E100 Element # 10287343


UPC: 698210000653

Rexnord Omega Couplings Standard

Rex Omega

E2 - E3 - E4 - E5 - E10 - E20 - E30 - E40 - E50 - E60 - E70 - E80 - E100

Rexnord Omega Couplings Spacer Type

Rex Omega

ES2 - ES3 - ES4 - ES5 - ES10 - ES20 - ES30 - ES40 - ES50 - ES60 - ES70 - ES80 - ES100

Rexnord Omega Elements

Rexnord Omega Elements

Flexible Elements for E Series-Close Coupled Couplings.

An element is the flexible portion of an Omega coupling (includes mounting shoes and hardware).

Rexnord Omega Elastomeric Couplings

Recognized as the benchmark in the industry

Rexnord Omega Elastomeric Couplings are non-lubricated, material-flexing split-in-half tire couplings, which are used in a variety of demanding applications in many industries. This all-purpose coupling has excellent vibration damping capability helping to provide extended life to connected equipment. This coupling offers easy installation and a wide range of shaft gaps.

Omega close-coupled elastomeric coupling consists of the unique split-in-half flex element and reversible hubs.

The Rexnord Omega® is a unique general purpose elastomeric coupling with split element design providing easy assembly and replace-in-place service. The Omega is available in close coupled and spacer sizes. This unique design permits faster installation and reduced inventories by providing multiple distances between shaft ends using the same elements and hubs. Design is perfect for NEMA pumps. The Omega is available with standard imperial (standard US) fasteners and metric fasteners.

  • Available in Inch (Imperial) or Metric

  • Hubs offered in rough, custom, or bushed designs

  • Accommodates shaft diameters up to 9.00” (229 mm)

  • Continuous torque loads up to 340,200 lb-in (38,442 Nm)

  • Peak torque loads up to 850,500 lb-in (96,093 Nm)

  • Available in 16 sizes from E2 to E140 (E2-M to E140-M metric)


    • Split-in-half flex element

    • Torsionally soft

    • Interchangeable hubs

    • Material flexing designs


    • Ease of installation

    • Excellent vibration damping

    • Low inventory requirements

    • Visual inspection

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